Q. What is the average size of a deck?
A. Decks generally average 12x16ft (192 square feet). Dorner Decking and Renovations does not place a limit on the size of a deck we will work on. We have constructed decks from as small as 48 square feet, up to as large as 1,390 square feet.

Q. How do I know which design or product is best suited for me?
A. Owner and operator Timothy M. Dorner will sit down with you one on one to design a deck that fits the style of your home or business.

Q. How long does it take to build a custom deck?
A. Typically 3-6 days, depending on weather, and the size of your deck.

Q. How long should I wait to stain my new custom wooden deck?
A. We suggest you wait one season before staining your new wooden deck. The chemicals in the wood will shrink the wood after being exposed to the weather. In order for the stain or weather proofing to set correctly, the wood needs time to settle. In some cases, decks constructed at the beginning of the season may be able to be stained toward the end of the season.

Q. How long will a composite deck last?
A. Warranties for different composite decks vary per product.

Q. Do I need a permit?
A. If a permit is needed, a drawing will be provided to take to the town building department along with your home survey.

Q. How is the deck supported?
A. Each deck is supported by 12" round holes dug 44 to 48 inches deep. Although towns only require a 42" depth, depending on frost level, we keep a uniform depth of 44 to 48 inches. The bottom of each hole is then usually tampered depending on the soil in which it was dug, and supported with 4x4's. All decks have a pressure treated wooden framework, 12"-16" on center, depending on your deck's design.

Q. Can a deck be built anywhere on my property?
A. Decks are built in accordance with your town's requirements. An example of this is that some towns will not allow a deck to be built within 10' of another existing structure (garage, shed).

Q. Will the deck be connected to my home?
A. All of our decks are free-standing. We believe your home's foundation and framework were designed to support your home, and we do not want to take away from the structural integrity that supports your home or business.

Q. Is Dorner Decking and Renovations limited to just building decks?
A. Dorner Decking and Renovations does a range of renovation work. These projects are scheduled during the decking season and in the off season. Feel free to contact us regarding our other services.

Q. When does the season and off-season for decking generally run?
A. Decking season tends to run from March 1st through November 30th, depending on the weather. As long as the ground enables us to properly dig the support holes, we will still construct decks outside of these dates. The off-season typically runs from December 1st through February 28th. It is during this period of time that we generally provide other services.